Thursday, August 10, 2017

How Retailers can Perform Analysis: Plastic Packaging and Commodity (Steel & Aluminium)

Even though we are merely retailers, we should be a knowledgable one. 

Who says that retailers are destined to lose money in the share market? Well, for me, i never believe in those myths... The more people agrees to the fact, the more eager i want to prove them wrong. In fact, i think that there are no right or wrong in the market, only INVESTMENT DECISIONS matter... And along the time, our investment decisions will be proven.

How do we make our investment decisions? Based on guts feeling? Based on rumours and speculations? Based on facts and figures? Based on research? Even though i m a retailer, but i am myself's fund manager. I manage my own fund and i invest based on facts and figures. Pareto Law says that, 20% are winning money while the 80% are losing money to those 20%. If we want to win in the stock market, we should stop becoming the 80% and turn into 20%. 

We often see the stock analysts' reports. Their reports are very detailed and some even have chances to visit the CEO or the chairman of the listed companies. They have all the sophisticated software or tool to calculate and compare the financial information. Their news are always the most up to date. But for us, as retailers, we only have the chances to meet the bosses in the AGM and pose them our burning questions. Whenever a news was released, the retailers are the always the last one to know, the stock had been speculated before and that is the only time retailers went in. Ended up, retailers lose money.

Here i would like to stress that retailers can also perform the stock analysis, as professional as those stock analysts. Do not be discouraged even though we are retailers. This should not stop our passion towards investing. Whatever the stock analysts can do, we can do it like them too, we can emulate their analysis method, thus reduce our investment risks. Now let me share my experience and analysis method on how retailers can perform analysis.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

ARANK - Post Q3 2017 Result

ARANK first appeared in my blog on 30 March 2017. You can also click HERE to view my first post about ARANK. ARANK's A-RANKed Mission Impossible??? Well, i think its possible, because I M POSSIBLE~

1. Fundamental Analysis

Revenue and Net Profit for ARANK from malaysia stock biz [2]
ARANK announced the Q3 2017 result on 15 June 2017. Both revenue and net profit shown positive improvement in both qoq and yoy. Revenue increased  +4% qoq and +4% yoy respectively while net profit increased +4% qoq and +18% yoy respectively.

The increase in revenue is due to higher average selling price as a result of the increase in the raw material costs although the business volume was lower[3]. From this statement, i can see that the management is transferring the cost to the end user. The worrying factor will be the lower business volume, which might signifies flat growth or declining growth. However, the management highlighted 3 points in the prospects. First is the recovery in the commodity prices as external demand improves. Second is their business is affected by the weakening RM but our RM is getting stronger if compared to last quarter. Third is the volatility of aluminium has added uncertainties to their business. The point 1 and 2 are on ARANK's side. While for bullet point number 3, i will share my views based on data i collected in my Projection Analysis sector.

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Monday, June 12, 2017




Thursday, June 8, 2017


The most important Technical Analysis for me is the Price Volume Analysis. The Price Action needs to be supported or validated by Volume

Volume reveals activity. Volume reveals the truth behind the Price Action. Volume validates Price. If the price went up without Volume, hence, we need to be careful as the Price might not sustain. 

We try to identify the pattern of a few successful breakout examples. The similar patterns that i had identified as below: 
1. Notice the days with high volume.
2. Identify the closing zones of candles (Zone 1).
3. If the chart had been sideways, there might be chance.
4. Prefer to breakout the resistances with volume.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

散户可以如何进行市场调查 - OLDTOWN